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1973 – 1996 After the oil crisis – car accidents and traffic jams

Quelle: Flickr, öffentliche Domäne
Quelle: Flickr, öffentliche Domäne

Since the 1970s, automobiles have sparked controversy, primarily owing to their adverse environmental impact and road safety concerns. Coupled with the energy crisis, this demands an overhaul of fuel efficiency in automobiles and prompts a revamp of automotive technologies. Manufacturers seek to enhance driving efficiency, by redesigning both combustion chambers and intake ducts, alongside minimizing friction from the piston’s translational movement in the crankcase. Also, there is a shift from carburetors to injectors. Gearboxes are also being optimized. New diesel-powered cars, boasting superior thermodynamic efficiency compared to petrol engines, exhibit reduced fuel consumption. Proactive safety measures are being implemented, introducing more ambitious standards and regulations for automobile design aimed at lowering mortality rates. The integration of various driver assistance systems enhance both active safety and passive safety experiences.

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